Aba Top No Wipe High Gloss



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Gel polish TOP NO WIPE Aba Group – High Gloss – 7 ml

Aba Group Gel Polish Top High Gloss is a high-quality gel polish top created for professional nail stylization.

An ideal Top with a thicker consistency than a regular Top No Wipe. Very strongly polishes the nail plate, giving the perfect line of light in the performed stylization. It is scratch resistant, does not get matt and dull and does not wipe. Top High Gloss lets you enjoy perfect styling for a long time. Does not require wiping by a cleaner.


Pleasant in application, unique, medium-thick formula.
Optimal consistency allowing for perfect nail coverage without streaks and stains.
A precise and flexible brush that allows you to put the product under the cuticles.
Very high product strength. With proper application, it ensures durability up to 4 weeks.
Made in the EU from the highest quality components.
Does not require wiping by cleaner.
Dissolves in acetone.

Curing time Led lamp 30 sec. UV lamp 2 min.

The product is made for professional use.